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We started in 2003 as a product company with a vision of creating most innovative and industry-changing products. We initially developed global logistics SaaS solution products which enabled shippers, freight forwarders, third party logistics providers, brokers and importers to plan, process and manage their cargo shipments efficiently at a lower cost. Portable Storage Systems and EOS Ltd. are other examples from this success story. Over time we provided a wide range of customer and transaction services. After picking up a good deal of expertise while developing over 30 live products for various customers across the globe, we ventured into Outsourcing product development (OPD).

Today we are a 100+ employee company of diverse age groups creating a dynamic and competitive workforce. We bring domain expertise in the areas of Microsoft Technologies, Java, Open source, Cloud Apps, DevOps and Automation, Mobile etc. We have successful implementation in Solution development (Web/Desktop/Mobile), User Interface design and Quality Assurance (Functional/Performance/Load).

We focus on People, Technology and Processes to build effective new age solutions. With our expertise in Cloud Offerings, DevOps and Automation, we accelerate release cycles ensuring faster and high-quality releases along with improved defect detection. Having Continuous feedback, improvement and cohesive teams are our principles.