Dockerizing an application manually

Top 100 enterprises have started containerization (short form called as ‘digital’) projects. 63% of Enterprises using containers have 100 containers deployed. The projects are undertaken with the goal to utilize modern container technology. It helps in improving the time taken for the software to deliver ‘value to their customer’.

While speaking with a large Bank’s IT team, working on large Digital project, shared their challenges which were causing delays. The actual work involved was much higher than originally anticipated. Their challenges were:

– Availability of skilled developers to Containerize

– Ability to focus on ‘AS IS’ migration

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Automated containerization

Automated containerization – How does CloudHedge help?

During discussions with customers, using containers or planning to use, we came across a common problem – lack of strategy to containerize. They were not ready in terms of the know-how. Most of them, have deployed automation tools for deployment and/or monitoring their infrastructure. However, they were asking if there is an automated process of containerizing their IT application. Predictability and Continue reading

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10 reasons why you must upgrade your legacy applications today

Upgrading a legacy software may seem like a daunting task at first to any company. This is because the company has been using it successfully for years and also because all of the spending is made on its functioning & maintenance. However, if the software or applications aren’t upgraded, then the overall efficiency and even the profitability of the company may suffer.

Here are 10 signs your legacy application needs to evolve:
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