Docker has moved fast to become the preferred environment for software development and testing

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Docker has moved fast to become the preferred environment for software development and testing

AWS helps effortlessly deploy, manage and maintain distributed applications in private and public cloud environments

Chef, combined with DevOps best practices, provides more automated and collaborative workflows that make it possible to build and operate a high velocity organization that continuously delivers infrastructure and applications

With multiple successful implementations of DevOps we have built a good understanding of all the DevOps components which include:

DevOps component 1

Continuous Planning

DevOps component 2

Continuous Integration

DevOps component 3

Continuous Testing

DevOps component 4

Continuous Deployment

DevOps component 5

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

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WH DevOps Implementation

Successful Devops Implementation


Test and Build Systems

Monitoring, Alerting and Trending

Process Supervisors

Application and Web server

Infrastructure as a Service

Virtualization Platforms


Configuration Management

Application Development


Containerization Tools

Operating Systems



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We have been working with WhiteHedge since 2007 and they certainly exceeded our expectations. WhiteHedge is excellent in Technology and they took extra effort in understanding our business domain. They are an excellent partner and have contributed a lot to the success of our products.

Todd Pape, CTO

Commence Corporation


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More on DevOps

A popular belief is that DevOps requires throwing away everything the organization has built and starting from scratch. This however if untrue if you ask us. At Whitehedge, we help you embark on your DevOps journey by carefully assessing the DevOps maturity of your core development and IT ops processes, then pilot and roll out changes to accelerate delivery while measuring the progress and planning for the next improvements. The approach and degree to which DevOps is utilized varies from virtually no DevOps to extended DevOps as per the development environments. We undertake the DevOps implementation as per the required utilizations on case by case basis and not as a one-size-fits-all solution. With our rich experience and pool of DevOps consultants and tools experts we provide Consulting and Execution services for public, private as well as hybrid Cloud platforms.