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We know how to implement applications and software across the board so that all devices are seamlessly working together to enhance communication and productivity. One of the important challenges in this domain is Security that can sometimes throw a lot of hurdles into the race. We possess the skills to balance security and usability. We also help customers choose the right mobility device form factors, platforms, supported versions and offline support which can help majority of a share based on diligent study of the requirements. We have successfully developed solutions for Android and iOS using native platforms. We also work with low code rapid development platforms which can make it easier to maintain and update your mobile apps on a go-forward basis.

Our development process sums up as below:



-Enroll in program

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-Develop App
-Create App Record
-Upload App




-Beta Test App
-Submit App
-Release App

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WhiteHedge’s talented mobility team helped me to convert our vision into a cutting edge and streamlined app. With help of them, we launched first ever mobile app in the global container leasing industry. They understood the vision and took care of all the heavy lifting to convert the vision into reality. Their turn-around time was very quick. Their understanding of this space has been invaluable to the success and launch of my app. Thanks guys.

Raj Batra, CIO

Florens Container Service

We hired WhiteHedge in 2013 to develop an iOS and Android applications for wearable kids watches. Their approach was very professional and they demonstrated a solid ability to deliver the assignment in a timely manner. For most of the project, they ran ahead of schedule and delivered a mobile app that exceeded my expectations. We being start-up, I must say that they were very flexible and accommodative of the changes.

Erik Recter, CEO

Watcher Enterprises

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Mobility is a key component of enterprise IT infrastructure nowadays due to the need for anytime and anywhere access to information. In some of the world’s most developed countries, active mobile devices now outnumber the world population and mobile Web traffic has surpassed that of the PC. Today’s enterprise mobility solution needs to manage an increasingly complex mobility environment, with a mix of mobile end points, operating systems, risk profiles and ownership models, including corporate owned, personally enabled and bring your own device (BYOD). All without compromising user experience, corporate data security or personal privacy. And while smartphones and tablets have become the must-have devices for everyone, all eyes are turning to wearable devices, which provide the capabilities of the smartphone right on your wrist, eyes etc.