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WhiteHedge: Re-found and Reborn in 2017 !!

2016 saw us go through a gamut of changes with our technologies, positioning, strategies and people. We re-find ourselves much more equipped and ready to step into the new year and make a positive difference to our clients.

We are brimming with young people and their ideas which we have turned into products!! We talk cloud and containers fluently and experiment frequently with new technologies. Our offerings have evolved to embrace the cloud native world

and with them our clients who we helped to adopt. The troop of hardcore developers who have been with us since we started in 2003, help a number of our clients with legacy products, to wear the microservices cap. Our young fleet of mobile app developers bring the vibrant and energetic vibe to WhiteHedge.

As this wave of change settles down, we feel reborn in 2017.

We naturally wanted to project externally, the change we feel within. When you visit the new WhiteHedge website, the first thing you’ll notice is fresh look with a new logo, vibrant colours and clarity in our offerings. Our various Ventures and Labs showcases our ability to handle enterprises and startups alike.They breed a culture of innovation in our young talents. A complete digital world with smart people at its core, it enforces our new identity in every way.
The logo too is revamped to project the bold and new age thinking.

We are one of the very few companies who strive for continual innovation and are not afraid to put the technology and investment to work to solve the problems in the society and build new start-ups again and again.
In short the new website reflects the kind of work we do and the culture we are.

On the note we wish all our current and future clients, warm wishes for the new year !!

Abhijit Joshi (AJ)

Founder and CEO
WhiteHedge Technologies

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