Case Study - WeatherFx

WhiteHedge built the highly available weather data service platform that served worldwide customers


Client is part of US based company Weather Channel, focused on providing weather data to respective stakeholders and also served as management console for analyzing the weather data and fetching trigger activity reports for different countries at country/state/DMA/zip level.

Client has a web-based application that allows the WFX and Ad Ops teams to view and manage DFP order line items, manage and import/export trigger definitions, manage Twitter-based campaigns and manage Trade-desk ad-groups on behalf of Advertiser-clients.


Customer wanted to serve relevant weather data to customers with top notch quality with low response times as these were critical and high revenue generating. This service was to be launched in a short period & needed to build application architecture to meet demanding customer requirements.


AWS Cloud based architecture for low latency, high throughput requests


WhiteHedge designed a quick Proof of Concept (POC) considering the core requirements and business constraints & demonstrated a strategy to make the application service more competitive and reliable.

Once POC was successful and approved, the entire application was developed based on learnings from the POC. The application was built using Spring MVC 3.0, JSP, AJAX, Tomcat Server, Python, Lua, JUnit, DBUnit, HTML5, CSS3.

Specific component architecture was also re-engineered to improve application performance and integration to deliver more value to the end user. MySQL, RedShift, HSQLDB technologies were used for database.

Application was tested using multiple technologies including JUnit testing and Selenium for automation. DBUnit was also used for DB layer testing.


WhiteHedge’s POC led approach helped in detecting problems early & demonstrated the concept quickly. The solution once implemented was deployed on cloud using Amazon RedShift & heavy duty servers to meet the throughput demands. The architecture allowed serving critical data with excellent response time.

WhiteHedge’s Product engineering experience along with DevOps expertise helped us build the platform within budget. WhiteHedge quality engineering teams made sure we used combination of automation & manual testing to ensure impeccable speed & stability. Infrastructure architecture was
also a key component of the overallsolution.

Head of Weather Data Platform

illustration Product Engineering