Case Study - SCM BOOKING

Innovative logistics platform render beneficial cargo owners trace container information real time without using tracking device


  • An overseas supplier of raw material to production plants
  • Shipping over 12000 containers yearly across the ocean with around 3000 containers on ocean daily
  • The client was not able to track the location of the container
  • Tracking system and loading system was not in order leading to inefficiency and loss of business


  • Comprehend Shipping domain
  • Enhance cenTTRa to use booking information
  • Generate reports for departure, arrival, and transshipment of goods
  • Identify invalid bookings


WhiteHedge Solution

  • Developed system architecture to process multiple input and output formats
  • Created CENTTRA, multi carrier container information platform to manage booking information
  • Set up an FTP for exchanging information between both parties involved
  • Generated exception report for handling invalid inputs
  • Introduced On Schedule report for all bookings
  • Built standardized terminology for different shipping lines
  • Created Trip Plan for superior monitoring purposes


  • .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET, C#.Net,AJAX
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Database: SQL Server 2005
  • Tools: Telerik, ASP.NET controls, Microsoft Application blocks, Threading, Office InterOp, FileHelpers

Value Addition

  • Strengthened supply chain management system
  • Provided real time updates to the client
  • Standardized reporting requirements
  • Assisted in identifying trip halts, invalid bookings, and cancelled bookings
  • Stored historical data about container movements for future references

WhiteHedge offered excellent services to its client through multi-carrier logistics platform CENTTRA . Our experience and knowledge in global shipment management paid rich dividends and enabled us to extend business relationships with client.

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