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Event on Cloud for IoT

A detailed discussion session with Mr. Sameer Karmarkar – an expert from the I.T. industry on Friday, 12th May 2017.

More clarity on effective IoT applications:

  1. Narrow down your IoT pain points & find solutions
  2. Know how Cloud and Container can be a big push for your IoT applications
  3. Gain invaluable insights on the critical decision of selecting the Cloud

Participate in an interactive discussion session with our IT experts

Mr. Sameer Karmarkar

Sameer is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience leveraging software engineering and DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective + creative solutions to several businesses. He has co-founded several start-ups since 2010 including Villagineer & also has a background in product management and product building. Apart from this, he is the brain behind the concept of ‘WH Labs’ which has a motive of helping and incubating as many start-ups as possible.


Mr. Aniruddha Pant

Aniruddha is the Founder & CEO AlgoAnalytics. He’s spearheaded the data analytics & strategic quantitative activities of large operations as well as start-ups. He has an overall experience of 20+ years in application of advanced mathematical techniques to various academic and enterprise problems and 15+ years’ experience in building and leading groups specializing in high-end quantitative analysis work.

Specialties: Quantitative Trading, Financial Engineering, Machine Learning, Big-data analytics, Predictive analytics, Optimization and Control Theory

A world of smart business solutions await you

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