A data exchange service tool that facilitates business transactions to occur fast and reduces costs


  • Global supplier of fixed asset management and intermodal transport software and services
  • Over 3000 clients across more than 70 countries
  • Overhaul existing system for data exchange


  • Develop system to support file exchange in multiple file formats
  • Capability to configure various messages and file types
  • Need consistent message tracking and exception handling interface
  • Mapping different file formats


WhiteHedge Solution

  • Utilized Web service file exchange to integrate data with third party systems
  • Comprehended CSLA.NET and Silverlight to create a robust system
  • Created a system to receive messages from various inputs and translating to the expected output
  • Created a data validation process to authenticate the data received
  • Developed a system that would deliver failure message to concerned partners only
  • Configured Multiple messages were in a system as templates to define data units
  • Handled the industry supported EDIFACT files


  • NET Framework 4.0, C#, SilverLight, CSLA.NET
  • Web Server: IIS, SIlverLight Client
  • Database: SQL Server 2008
  • Tools: Expression Web, Visual Studio 2010, WCF Service

Value Addition

  • Message validation increased the authenticity of the messages received
  • Transfer of message in to distinctive file formats
  • Data Interchange works real time eliminating delay in capturing errors
  • Real time response reduced trade cycle
  • Generates multiple output files as XML, Excel, CSV and Fixed Length File
  • Translation in to the five file formats Get In, Get Out, West In, WESTIM, and WESTMDT

WhiteHedge offered solution was a dream come true for the customer by offering innovative customized solutions for better user experience and a low cost advantage. WhiteHedge enabled the customers to assess feasibility before both parties committed to a long term engagement.

Head of Weather Data Platform