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DockerCon 2017: Highlights

Here are some of happenings around DockerCon 2017 that caught our attention

1. Availability of Oracle software on Docker containers:
This availability of the Oracle software on Docker solution was significant for two reasons

DockerCon 2017: Highlights

  • One of the largest enterprise software maker in the world announced support for Docker & made their database docker images available through Docker Store.
  • We are most interested in how Oracle is combining portability for data containers

There was an announcement that Docker based Oracle software is free for Dev and QA environments and we will be keenly following how Docker based Oracle Database is licensed for production. We feel that if this kind of announcements are made by other similar vendors of the industry then that can be an acceleration for the Docker adoption.


2. Separation of Open Source & Commercial Docker with ‘Moby Project
DockerCon 2017 saw the launch of The Moby Project – a clear message to separate commercial and open-source Docker containers that would clarify confusion between open source Docker vs Commercial Docker. By open sourcing, it helps in the advancement of the software containerisation movement. It provides a library of components, a re-branded framework for assembling components into tailor-made containers. This subsequently culminates into a Launch
pad for new ideas and experiments of container enthusiasts.


3. Linux Container Kit
 – LinuxKit is an all new toolkit that enables developers to build reliable and portable Linux subsystems. It is container-native with a size of just 35MB! This greatly reduces its boot time. All system services are containers, which means that everything can be removed or replaced. For example, this is great news for smallest of IOT devices that could not run on traditional linux.


4. Windows Server Containers & Docker support for Windows Docker images
Microsoft & Docker announced expansion of their existing partnership with Windows Containers with Hyper-V isolation. This provides security & complete isolation for containers on the Windows. Azure and Amazon’s container services have added support for Windows Server Containers. As Microsoft and Docker have now formed a deeper bond, you can expect Docker & Container tech to go mainstream much faster.


5. Multi-stage builds
This is a big step for developers in ensuring that the Docker Containers are lightweight for production use. This is good news in general for Docker deployments, especially for smaller devices or platforms where the storage & memory constraints are significant.

All-in-all,  DockerCon 2017 made further progress in increasing Docker adoption in IOT & Enterprise software space. Separation of Moby project from Docker Enterprise edition should bring clarity for customers/developers.

Some of the fun events to note during DockerCon –

  • Docker started with the new versioning convention
  • Labelled Docker nightly build version as ‘Edge’ 😉
  • Function As A Service by Alex Ellis (Cool Moby hack demo)

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