Case Study - Digital Transformation

About the Client

A leading IT solutions provider with offerings ranging from Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Infrastructure services globally had a number of legacy products distributed across their huge set of customers. Technologies included mainframes and the Microsoft stack, with TIBCO middleware and Cassandra backed.

The Business Challenge

Large-scale monolithic and internally tightly coupled application to be worked on. Transform a live financial product along with provisioning a seamless customer experience without compromising the current operations. Short and crucial time to market providing no bandwidth for trial and errors. Required effective collaboration across global teams. Security considerations while transforming to cloud solutions. Provision for disaster recovery and scalability.

How Whitehedge helped

  • Effective planning of the entire transformation process dividing it in small, measurable and tangible cycle
  • Expert knowledge of core components and segregating the components based on criticality.
  • Sound understanding of the dependencies and choosing only appropriate services to be containerized.
  • Expertise in choosing the right cloud platform that best suits the implementation.
  • Strategizing the future roadmaps of the products.
  • Expertise in design catering to Disaster Recovery and scalability.

Strategy used

  • Work to incrementally refactor the monolithic application where we gradually build a new application consisting of microservices and run it in conjunction with the monolithic application.
  • Segregate presentation from the business logic and data access layers helped us achieve the goals faster.
  • Convert the existing modules within the monolithic to standalone microservices.
  • Emphasize on testing and monitoring the implementations.

Keep all the stakeholders in loop.

The Benefits

With the transformation to microservices architecture our client now relies on the latest database and cloud technologies to stay ahead of the competition and turn data into deployed services quickly and easily, enabling them to respond rapidly to changing needs and insights. Additionally, the company states that the flexibility and responsiveness of Whitehedge is helping it to prepare for more growth.

About WhiteHedge

WhiteHedge Technologies is an end-to-end software services and solutions provider to global clients with operations spread across US, Europe and India. WhiteHedge has a team of professionals with expert level experience in various technological and functional domain areas. WhiteHedge offers various engagement models to get engaged with the clients to deliver better business value proposition.