Case Study - CLink

CompanionLink depended on WhiteHedge for multi- application, multi-device continuous testing of its sync software


Client is part of US based company Weather Channel, focused on providing weather data to respective stakeholders and also served as management console for analyzing the weather data and fetching trigger activity reports for different countries at country/state/DMA/zip level.

CompanionLink has a contact and calendar synchronization software that synchronizes data across multiple smart-phones, tablets, computers, and web-based applications.


Customer software is best known for the wide range of devices it is compatible with and thereby required WhiteHedge to test across multiple devices and multiple applications along with monitoring their new releases to maintain support and compatibility.


MultiDevice, MultiApplication Continuous Testing


We worked very closely with the client Product Managers and Development Leads. We followed Agile methodology and split the stories across sprints with experienced testing scrum teams in order to manage clear requirements along with the client, to understand the domain and first hand customer concerns.

WhiteHedge started with building operations dedicated testing centers with the latest computing and data communication technologies. We tested DejaOffice software for data syncing between devices and processors and also tested CL Professional software for data syncing between devices. Also tested the third party system integration with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm Desktop, Google, Highrise, Salesforce based handheld devices, MS Outlook, Lotus based notes and BCM data export in legacy format.

We added new test cases and updated existing data to ensure quality documentation. We utilized the open source tracking tool- BugNet for capturing issues and provided detailed project summary on timely basis to all involved stakeholders.


WhiteHedge empowered CompanionLink to respond to device or application platform changes with very fast speed meeting and exceeding SLAs with the client.

WhiteHedge was a major
contributor to maintaining CompanionLink’s reputation of quality and reliability. Team WhiteHedge engaged critical QA tasks to ensure our customers could rely on software that works reliably to solve real
business needs. With multiple devices, ever changing multiple third-party
systems, we were able to rely on them during a time of need.

Wayland Bruns
CompanionLink Software

strategy Quality Engineering