Case Study

Our client is a leading machine learning and analytics startup that provides machine learning based software for quantifying risk by analyzing e-commerce transactions.
In order to enable evaluation of their software, their customers needed to use their data. The software had to be installed at their customer data centers (public/private cloud) & that required some dedicated time from prospect/customers.… Read More

A data exchange service tool that facilitates business transactions to occur fast and reduces costs Situation Global supplier of fixed asset management and intermodal transport software and services Over 3000 clients across more than 70 countries Overhaul existing system for data exchange Challenge Develop system to support file exchange in… Read More

A real time reporting and booking system for nautical charts while on voyage for safe routing of the vessel Situation A globally renowned NOAA and Admiralty chart Agent since 1920 Global distributor of nautical charts for vessels Exclusive distributor of cutting edge marine software with scalable and flexible options Needed… Read More

Virtualization model for organizations to reduce infrastructure cost via data centers that store Web applications and servers Situation Global Logistics SaaS solution provider Catering several thousands of customers globally Enable mid size Logistics and Transportation organizations to use Cloud application Provide efficient cost management benefits Challenge Cloud Migration… Read More

Logistics platform offering data integration and tracking services for Shipping Industry Situation A US based interchange service provider leasing surplus empty containers from inland locations to port cities End-to-End container supply chain system Expert in analyzing surplus containers and handling exceptional deliveries Required… Read More