WhiteHedge: Re-found and Reborn in 2017 !!

2016 saw us go through a gamut of changes with our technologies, positioning, strategies and people. We re-find ourselves much more equipped and ready to step into the new year and make a positive difference to our clients.

We are brimming with young people and their ideas which we have turned into products!! We talk cloud and containers fluently and experiment frequently with new technologies. Our offerings have evolved to embrace the cloud native world Continue reading

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Cloud Native Applications

The reason some companies find it possible to easily render their business to the market demands, is because they follow some processes enabling them to remain relevant in today’s world. There is no one size fits all, but we will explore some of the most successful ones. To that effect I wanted to put out what the Cloud Native Applications are all about and why they are needed.

What is Cloud Native?

Applications that have a clean contract with the underlying operating system, offering
Continue reading

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Getting started with Git
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